Pamper your hands & feet

Aug, 2019

Well-cared-for hands

Your hands are every day affected by wind and weather and therefore, your hands could use some extra care – especially when it is cold outside. Pamper your hands with a moisturising treatment which will make your hands super soft.

End your day with a hot bath and apply our lovely hand cream. If you want extra moisture, add a few drops of the Pure Oil from Meraki. Put on the moisturising cloves and wait for your skin to absorb the cream.

Use the waiting time usefully by enjoying a moment of relaxation without interruptions. Enjoy the moment – both your hands and the rest of your body will thank you.

Soft feet

Your feet work hard as they are carrying you every single day – so remember to pamper them with extra care now and then.

After a long day on the move, your feet hurt. So lean back, relax and enjoy a well-deserved break with a hot footbath with aromatic oils. It will both provide your feet and mind with a boost of energy.

After the bath we recommend that you apply a thick coating of foot cream and put on the moisturising socks from Meraki. Keep the socks on for about 30-60 minutes until your skin has absorbed the cream. Take off the socks and rub the additional cream into the skin. The moisturising socks will provide your feet with the moisture and care they are in need of.

Tip… Find a perfect spot to relax during the treatment, because when the socks are on – you are not going anywhere. Make your spot ready with soft pillows, a cosy blanket and a tasteful cup of coffee. Enjoy the moment – it is yours and you deserve it.

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