New hair care series
Mar, 2021

Want hair that looks and feels healthy? Meraki has launched a new series of hair products that give you just that. From shampoo to serum, enjoy smooth, shiny and soft hair.

The new hair care and styling products from Meraki tackle and alleviate dull, dry, unruly and fine hair. We have found the best ingredients and combined them in ways that effectively fix your hair issues. Enjoy high-end, functional products that cater to your senses with refined fragrances and textures. Because even a daily routine like a hair wash can be turned into a moment of self-pampering.

Focus on moisture and volume

Two sets of shampoos and conditioners target what your hair needs: more volume or more moisture. A deep conditioning hair mask, a serum, and a sea salt spray complete your need for styling products that give you healthy hair with a natural, bouncy look.

Developed and produced in Denmark, the products are formulated with ingredients chosen for their proven effects. Vegetable proteins, provitamins, nourishing oils and extracts moisturise, repair and smooth your hair. The result is silky soft hair that is visibly fuller, smoother and healthier.

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