A new hair care series

No home-spa experience is complete without a little hair care. Our Meraki Hair care is a new series of nourishing products that give your hair a neutral and healthy look. From shampoo to serum, you get a complete range that care for your hair and leaves it smooth and moisturised. Developed and produced in Denmark, our Meraki Hair care series is bursting with natural, highly effective ingredients. 

Which to choose? 

Are you looking for bouncy hair or does your hair need a little extra tender love and care? Our volumising products give fine and flat hair a boost with the thickening and nourishing shampoo and conditioner. Each strand gets fuller and smoother for a lightweight and silky soft look. Are you looking to revitalise and repair dry and damaged hair, choose our moisturising products for an intense boost of moisture and softness. From the inside out. 

A healthy-looking hair 

Strengthen and repair your hair to bring back its natural shine and vitality. Our moisturising shampoo and conditioner provide your dry, dull and unruly hair the much-needed moisture. The subtle fragrance of bergamot, grapefruit and tangerine meet the warm and comforting notes of cedarwood, vanilla and musk. 

A fuller hair 

Get fuller and smoother hair with our thickening and volumising shampoo and conditioner. Your fine and thin hair gets an instant lift and is moisturised, making it silky soft without weighting it down. A refined and classic fragrance of florals and the fresh notes of cucumber come together with a wooden base of musk and amber. 

Your daily hair routine

Our new Meraki Hair series got you covered from shampoo to deep treatment and styling. A few products that care for hair. Easy to use and impossible to live without. 

01. Shampoo & condition

Everyday treatment for your hair. The shampoo and conditioner are the basics for any hair care routine. 

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02. Hair mask

Repair split ends and revive dull, dry and lifeless hair with our deep conditioning hair mask. 

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03. Sea salt spray

Lift, define and texturise your hair for perfectly tousled waves. 

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04. Hair serum

Get smooth, soft and instantly shiny hair. The serum reduces frizz while giving dry, unruly and dull hair the moisture and nourishment it needs. 

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Get to know our hair series even better

Ever wondered how much is enough? How to use the products correctly? Our Meraki hair series is never complex or overly time-consuming; it is just enough. It covers you from daily care to weekly necessities, perhaps you want to get to know the series even better?

New hair care series

New hair care series

Want hair that looks and feels healthy? Meraki has launched a new series of hair products that give you just that. From shampoo to serum, enjoy smooth, shiny and soft hair.

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