Essentials for your makeup bag
Jun, 2021

Going on a weekend getaway? Or holiday?

 Wherever your trip takes you, make sure to take the essentials with you in your makeup bag. Meraki has gathered some of the must-haves, from a practical nail kit to sheet masks and lip balm.

Other than your face care products, hand cream and sunscreen, a few other things should not be missing from your makeup bag. We give you our take on the must-have items that do not take up much space. If you want to streamline your routine and save time, these are the items to bring.

Hair and nails sorted

The small details matter when it comes to looking your best. With our nail kit, it is easy to take care of your nails on the go. It consists of a cuticle pusher, a nail file and two clippers in different sizes. On days when you do not have time for the full routine, spending a few minutes on your nails make a big difference. 

Get your hair out of the way before you apply your face mask and other products. With our hair bands made of cotton, you get a discreet yet practical addition to your self-care rituals when on holiday. The elastic band at the neck part makes it suitable for all head sizes.

Lip service

A sheet mask provides your skin with much needed moisture and takes up less space than a mask in a bottle. All you need is 20 minutes to let the mask do its work. Apply the mask, make a cup of tea and enjoy a mindful moment as the sheet mask does wonders for your skin. Choose between an anti-age sheet mask or one for sensitive skin.

Give your look the final touch with a moisturizing and certified organic lip balm. With three different ones, Meraki covers your needs for a lip balm that moisturizes, soothes and alleviates dry lips thanks to shea butter, jojoba oil and coconut oil.

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