Certified organic series

Aug, 2019

Our basis-series, which consists of everyday products with the scent of Silky Mist, Northern Dawn and Linen Dew, are now certified organic by COSMOS which provides you with transparency when choosing products for your body. With the basis-series you can be sure of pampering your body with natural and safe products. At Meraki, we believe certifications are important. We will tell you more about why right here. 

COSMOS labelled

COSMOS, which stands for Cosmetic Organic and Natural Standard, is an impartial, European standard that controls and certifies organic cosmetics and skin care products. When a product has the COSMOS-label, you can always see how much of the product’s ingredients that are natural and what the organic percentage is. The purpose is to ensure a sustainable approach all the way from the product’s content and manufacture to the choice of packaging. 

The advantage of COSMOS

–  All products are, at a minimum, 98% natural

–  The last 2% comes from nature-identical ingredients

–  All raw materials are manufactured with approved processes

–  All scents are 100% natural

–  Without the use of genetically modified ingredients – also known as GMO

–  All palm and palm-kernel oil are produced sustainable

–  All packaging is made of recyclable materials

Why certified?

At Meraki, we believe that skin care needs to be transparent and therefore, certifications are important. They help guide you through the jungle of skin care products and make it easier for you to understand the content of the products on the shelves. With products that are COSMOS-labelled, you and your body ensure organic care products with natural ingredients. 

Made with certified ingredients

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