A new sun care series

Jan, 2021

The new additions to the Meraki collection focus on everyday luxury. With products that bring the senses into play, they provide both your body and your soul with a restorative experience of well-being. Everything is designed to enhance your rituals – from the thoughtful packaging that characterises Meraki over the natural scent notes, to the products’ silky texture that leaves your body feeling enhanced.

SPF30 as the new normal

To make it simple, all the sunscreen products are with SPF 30; except for the Sun Stick which is SPF 50. This removes any uncertainty about which SPF to choose, as SPF 30 is enough to protect both adults and children in the sun. We want to make the sun care products as easy to choose as they are to use and sticking with SPF30 stresses that fact.

Perfume-free or a mild fragrance

PURE is our well-known range of perfume-free products that are suitable for both adults and children, and a better alternative for those with allergies and sensitive skin. In this new series, the Sun Lotion and After Sun Sorbet is available in a PURE version. Although the Sun Stick is perfume-free as well, is it not labelled as PURE.

Giving the customers choices is important. For that reason, the sun care products are now also available with a light, floral scent with notes of fresh mint and white musk. It adds a bit of luxury as you head out into the sun. The Facial Sun Cream, Sun Lotion, Sun Oil, and After Sun Sorbet all come in a mildly scented version.

Whether you choose the scented or the perfume-free version, the protective effect and nourishing ingredients remain the same.

Nourishing ingredients and the best filters

Vitamin E and aloe vera are prominent ingredients in this sun care series. Being an antioxidant, vitamin E protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun while keeping it soft and supple. Aloe vera soothes, cools and moisturises the skin during and after sunbathing.

This sun care series incorporates the best chemical filters that absorb the harmful UV rays. We solely use those recommended by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and Asthma-Allergy Denmark. An important benefit of these filters is the fact that they do not give a sticky sensation and do not leave any white residue on the skin.

From the Sun Oil to the After Sun Sorbet, each product is quickly absorbed and gives the best possible protection and moisture as you enjoy the sun.

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